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Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing: Part Two

Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing: Part Two

Get Creative…
The very best thing about publishing your own novel is that YOU get to decide how it looks and what will go inside it. Once you have a fabulous front cover and a well proofed book- you have some choices to make.
One of your biggest decisions is whether or not you will simply go down the print-on-demand (POD) and downloads route or whether you will invest in having your own private print run.
This is entirely your own decision and depends on your budget and your marketing strategy.
In my case, I am really glad that I decided to have a limited print run of 100 books because the quality was superb and I have used them for launch parties and book signings– people like to see a physical copy of your novel and have a flick through it.
I had a couple of afternoon tea and scones launch parties and they were great. It rewards your core readership- especially those who have taken the time to review your book. It also allows people to buy signed copies for their families and friends.
Try to be creative with your parties- a theme, like scones and cream or blue or pink coloured cakes is good and try to stick to the colour theme of your book’s cover when you are promoting- it helps to build your brand. My kids and I even wore blue for a booksigning, although I’m not sure how much anyone noticed!
Finally, you will need to decided on a price for your promotional copies. Remember, you are not a famous author yet- however brilliant your novel is. The most important thing is that people are reading and talking about your book, so set a price that is reasonable and will make people feel that they got a ‘special deal’ because they were at your event.
Next time: tips on marketing beyond your immediate family and friends.

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