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‘The Babes in the Wood’ by Ruth Rendell

ImageRating: ***** Five Stars

A woman and her husband travel to Paris for the weekend, leaving their teenage son and daughter at home with a trusted friend. Whilst they are away, the village of Kingsmarkham experiences unprecedented levels of rainfall and the river has burst its banks. When the couple finally return home they find that the children have disappeared without a trace.

This is the nineteenth in the Wexford series so it is hardly vintage, however, I think its the perfect read for an autumn evening. This is my favourite era of Wexford novels and the descriptions of the floods and the atmosphere created by it are absolutely classic Rendell. The story is gripping too and the author very cleverly unravels the threads of her story towards the end. You also get a more intimate view of Wexford than you do in other books in this series. All of Rendell’s trademark observations on human nature are here. A great read, wonderfully descriptive and atmospheric. Get the logs on the fire, feet up and a copy of ‘Babes in the Wood’.

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