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‘Sleeping Murder’ by Agatha Christie Rating: **** Four stars

'Sleeping Murder' by Agatha Christie          Rating: **** Four stars

When Gwenda and her husband move into their beautiful new house on the south coast of England, strange things begin to happen around them. Gwenda has an odd sensation that the place is somehow familiar to her. Then, when she starts to develop an unexplained sense of terror whenever she sets foot on the stairs, she knows they need to seek help…
Miss Jane Marple is brought in to assist when poor Gwenda begins to feel she may be losing her mind. As Marple investigates It becomes clear that the young girl’s fears are not quite so irrational after all.
This is a wonderfully plotted novel with a very clever ending. What I particularly enjoyed about it was the psychological aspect of the story. Christie has revolved the whole mystery around the memories and feelings of a little girl and it takes a very special insight into the human psyche to be able to pull it off so successfully.
My favourite part is when Miss Marple advises the young couple that they would be better off not finding out the answer to the puzzle at all. But she knows full well that the youthful and inexperienced pair will not be satisfied until they have discovered the truth, so she takes it in her stride when they disregard her wise counsel.
A great Agatha Christie novel, I really do enjoy the Marple books best of all.

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