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Fancy picking up some new skills? Try self-publishing, you’ll learn dozens!

Fancy picking up some new skills? Try self-publishing, you'll learn dozens!

As my second novel is on the verge of being released to the unsuspecting world, (this is the dust jacket of my first) I thought I would share some of the processes with you.

The production of my books is very much a family affair. My Dad provides the historical and geographical advice and my Mum helps me proof-read the final drafts. My sister is an artist and she also works in I.T so she designs the cover and helps me to format the text for createspace.

So, the creative writing element is only the start of the whole process. I have also learnt the basics of copy editing and I’ve picked up a few pointers from watching my sister at work which I have then used to design my own posters and leaflets.

Then there’s the marketing, once the product eventually goes live. This involves absorbing a whole new skill-set yet again, although it can also be the fun part as you get to meet and network with interesting like-minded people who you might not have come into contact with otherwise.

Now we are designing the cover for book number two, I am beginning to consider taking up photography so I can produce my own picture for the next one- or is this a step too far perhaps?

Possibly, but once you have got used to doing it all yourself, or within your close circle of family and friends at least, you do start to believe that you could take on anything!

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  1. Yes, I find learning the various skills nearly as much fun as writing the novel. Self-publishing is an interesting challenge.


    November 15, 2013

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