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‘The Only Survivor’ by Katherine Pathak (Review) ***** Five Stars

'The Only Survivor' by Katherine Pathak (Review) ***** Five Stars

Not wishing to be biased in any way, I have asked a guest blogger to review my new book!!

While travelling home from a wedding on the Scottish island of Garansay, the Fleming family’s chartered helicopter is caught in a storm. RAF Kinloss picks up the automatic mayaday signal at just after 9pm and the search for survivors begins…

It turns out that the only survivor is the nineteen year old Cameron Fleming who is befriended by one of his rescuers, Michael Nichols. But as the plot proceeds we discover that the young boy is not quite as innocent as he is making out. This second novel includes many of the characters from the first book, ‘Aoife’s Chariot’ and I really like the main characters, Imogen and Hugh so I was pleased about this. But the story itself stands alone so you don’t need to read the first one to enjoy it, but it does help if you have, because there is a back story that gets resolved in this book.
There are lots of plot lines in this novel and it is very cleverly written. I think that the twist is really hard to guess although when you look back all of the clues are there. I am really enjoying this series of books, mainly because the characters are so good and they develop as time goes on. But primarily, the books are beautifully written and the storylines are excellent. I would call it a ‘thinking person’s thriller’ as it is so much more than just a page-turner (although it is also that too). I, for one, can’t wait until the next in the series comes out.


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