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Is #TheFall taking us for fools?

wintry trees
Having watched two very well produced, powerful and intelligent dramas on television this week – The Missing on BBC1 and The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries on ITV – it has made the shortcomings of the second series of BBC2 drama The Fall all the more starkly apparent. I don’t object to a slow moving storyline, as long as the length of the piece allows for thorough character development and/or the construction of an effective sense of place.
However, in the case of The Fall, it feels as if we’ve spent the last five weeks treading water. The entire raison d’etre of the second series has been to lead us round the houses to the exact same point where we were at the end of series one, with Spector on the verge of being arrested and the irrefutable evidence of his guilt piling up against him. Nothing has been achieved in the intervening episodes apart from us poor, long-suffering viewers having to witness unpleasant scenes depicting the degradation of a female kidnap victim.
This type of scene can only be justified if it is central to the plot or if it’s leading us somewhere. But we’ve been here before and because the programme makers thought they were onto a winner, they decided to dish us out the same old thing second time around. I really think I’ve wasted my time with this series, but I certainly won’t be fool enough to do it again.

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