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Finding a way through the maze; e-marketing for beginners.


Most writers are more familiar with pencil and paper than they are with the internet, but amazingly enough, us bookish types are slowly getting the hang of this new technology revolution.
I’ve recently released my eighth novel and am forcing myself to concentrate on my digital marketing for a few days. This aspect of the job doesn’t come naturally to me. However, the more I find out about pay-per-click advertising campaigns and pinterest walls the more I begin to like it.
Adding new contacts through WordPress, Facebook or LinkedIn is a sociable process, especially for someone like me who once lived in Central London and enjoyed the non-stop socialising the city had to offer but now lives out in semi-rural Essex and has two children under ten. Folk who go into work each day might not appreciate the thrill of receiving a message from a fellow writer/publisher in the United States. It’s very exciting. And relatively easy to get involved in. Most of these sites are free to use and navigate novices through the joining process in a very straightforward way.
What I particularly enjoy are the social media platforms which encourage creativity and design. This suits writers and authors perfectly. For example, I have pinterest walls for photographs of places which have inspired my books. I’ve also created a step by step guide to the design of my covers. It’s informative and interesting and only obliquely related to book sales.
Don’t be afraid of trying it out. Writing the books is the difficult bit. The marketing and social media aspect is actually a lot of fun and if you give it enough time it really works.

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