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Is there nothing sacred for #writers?

The RetroReview


I’ve written nine novels so far, and in the search for new plotlines, I’ve not yet really struggled. I seek inspiration from things that happen in the news, or situations that I’ve seen other people caught up in. In addition to this, I have been known to weave some of my own life experiences into my novels too, although usually much altered and significantly exaggerated.
As I continue to produce more work, I do delve into my own personal history more frequently. Although, I am acutely aware that I must be careful not to upset anyone with my storylines. It wouldn’t do to dredge up too many painful instances from the past.
But to a certain extent, that is what writers do, isn’t it? They use their own observations to create narratives, tweaking it here and there for dramatic effect. At some point, a friend or relative is undoubtedly going…

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