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My name is Katherine Pathak. I live with my husband and two young children. I taught History in secondary schools for over ten years and also took some time out to bring up my kids. I started writing about a year ago and have just self published my first book, ‘Aoife’s Chariot’. This is me with my dad, he is appearing in this photo because my book was inspired by his childhood spent on the beautiful Isle of Arran in Scotland, which for fictional purposes I renamed ‘Garansay’. My dad had such an interesting and unique family history and I had spent my childhood hearing all about it and thinking how magical it was. So I hoped that others might find that world magical too. Making the island a fictional one allowed me to play around with the geography a little. This gave me more scope to create new storylines and characters and to weave the landscape into my narratives as I did in ‘Aoife’s Chariot’. I did wonder at first if juxtaposing both real and imaginary settings in my novels would work out but I really think it does and plenty of authors before me have used the same trick with great success.

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  1. E White #

    Dear Ms Pathak

    As an avid reader of detective stories (possibly because I was an epidemiologist -‘medical detective), I am thoroughly enjoying reading your books – now at Book 7 in your Dani Bevan books. I live on Arran, grew up in the West of Scotland and went to Edinburgh University (long ago!)

    Probably a lot of nit pickers point out your factual errors but two of them have really stood out for me.

    Hurricane Gilbert was in 1988 – not the 1950s. I arrived to take up a post in Jamaica in November 1988, while the island was still recovering from the damage.

    Fair Saturday. Is always around mid July – my parents were married on Fair Saturday in the 30s, July 15th and to us, Fair Friday was always the day before Fair Saturday – so the middle of July and not as the end as it appears to be in your book.

    Hope you don’t mind my comments, but such errors due hart particularly in a really good book.

    Thanks for writing them

    Elizabeth White

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    March 23, 2018
    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Thanks for getting in touch! I’m really glad you are enjoying the Dani Bevan series! I do research these details but unfortunately my sources aren’t always accurate, there is no substitute for first hand knowledge! My father grew up on Arran and my other series of books (The Imogen and Hugh Croft Mysteries) feature Arran as the fictional Garansay. You may enjoy those too!

      Very best wishes



      March 23, 2018

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